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Título del Trabajo: Enfermedad Quística Renal. Diagnóstico prenatal ecográfico y evolución de dos casos clínicos

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edwin DR roy puchd (2023-04-04)

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In the last 50 years, artists have continually pushed the boundaries of what a <a href="">contemporary drawing</a> can mean and be – radically redefining drawing in an 'expanded field' (a term coined by art historian Rosalind Krauss in 1979 referring to sculpture, but which applies equally well to the expansion of drawing practice during this period). While artists continue to use traditional tools like pen, pencil or brush, artists in this show also used processes such as burning, cutting, scratching, sticking, writing and sewing, and unusual materials from wax and gold to rattlesnake poison. Drawings were made using a stopwatch, by rolling dice, while blindfolded, or while walking. These works blur the boundaries between drawing and other mediums such as sculpture, land art and even performance.

joaofe Esad Matosinhos (2023-08-10)